CAPRICORN CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)
This zodiac from the other. They do not like the T-shirt with the words any posts sugestif and weird, and when the spouses do not like to wear jeans that reveal dent body, let alone speak, and a vulgar.
They like glamorous, but the quality, not just the brilliance impressed plebeian. They will be easy, if you add a little on the glamorous image of themselves to you and shed a more charm to them.
So if you are stuck with this man, you should open a conversation something that can give, like, "Wow, I just have been trying for three years to get this degree, that you first. Great once!"
Do not discuss things that are personal and intimate in public. Instead, Dig their opinions about politics, business, government, economic circumstances. Show him that you appreciate and are very impressed with their opinions.
Capricorn in love touched in the house, because it seemed more personal. But, if its occurrence in your home, the atmosphere should be really conducive, all people must be removed first.
They like the privacy. But do not hold you do not provide snacks, juice, as you like. When they are presented, they will feel respected and valued. If you do not know the favorite food, do not be afraid! Give him the food that you like, so they will love and to esteem it once. Fortunately, all the inconvenience that you do to prepare for this event will produce results.
When they are all throw off the cover body, they will not be embarrassed to start a romance with you, but, before that, we closed the door of a room first.
Capricorn want all aspects of life, including sex, to become better every day. They do not like the word, "We can not get anything like the first time", because for them that no one can not look up - all can be better than before, yes, of course with lots of exercise and routine.
Their sexual desires are strong and can only be satisfied in a party. So, always show appreciation to him, also took charge of his emotions and your own self, and the clever-clever to separate your personal life and your appearance in public.

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