What is the Blogger Navbar? blogger navbar is a frame the size of a small property there is a blogger at the top of the blog. this frame work to log in to blogger, or can be also as a way to see a blog or another can also blog to mark the event that violates the Terms Of Services such as blogger blogs that contain elements of pornography or SARA to be reported to the blogger.

Apa itu Navbar Blogger? navbar blogger adalah suatu frame yang berukuran kecil milik blogger yang terdapat di bagian atas blog. frame ini berfungsi untuk login ke blogger atau dapat juga sebagai jalan untuk melihat blog lain atau dapat juga untuk menandai blog yang sekiranya melanggar Terms Of Services blogger seperti blog yang mengandung unsur SARA ataupun pornografi untuk dilaporkan ke pihak blogger.

Whether we can remove the Blogger Navbar? if such a question then answers it is certainly can, but before the navbar is a good idea to think first and please read the Terms of Services carefully the blogger, because the risk of closing its account with the blogger or other blog you will lose.

Apakah kita bisa menghilangkan Navbar Blogger? jika pertanyaannya seperti itu maka tentu jawabannya adalah bisa, akan tetapi sebelum menghilangkan navbar tersebut ada baiknya berfikir dahulu dan silahkan baca Terms Of Services blogger secara seksama, karena beresiko di tutup nya account blogger atau dengan kata lain akan kehilangan blog anda.

To remove the blogger navbar, add the code below in the CSS style sheet:

Untuk menghilangkan navbar blogger, tambahkan kode di bawah ini pada style sheet CSS :

/* remove navbar ----------------------------- */ #navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none }

Alternatively, you can put the following code under the code exactly <body>:

Atau dapat juga menaruh kode berikut persis di bawah kode <body> :

<style type='text/css'> #navbar-iframe {display:none;} </style>

please follow the following steps:
silahkan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini :
For a classic template 1. Sign in blogger 2. Click the Template 3. Click the Edit HTML 4. Copy the entire code ago save in your computer as a backup data to secure 5. Copy the code below and paste ago on the code </ style> /* remove navbar ----------------------------- */ #navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none } 6. Click the Save Template Changes 7. Done.

Untuk template klasik 1. Sign in di blogger 2. Klik menu Template 3. Klik menu Edit HTML 4. Copy seluruh kode yang ada lalu save di komputer anda sebagai backup data agar aman 5. Copy kode berikut lalu paste di atas kode </style> 6. Klik tombol Simpan Perubahan Template 7. Selesai.

For a new template 1. Sign in blogger 2. Click the Layout 3. Click the Edit HTML 4. Click the link labeled Download Template all, please save the backup data prior to 5. Copy the following code ago paste the code above ]]></ b: skin> /* remove navbar ----------------------------- */ #navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none } 6. Click the Save Template Changes 7. Done.

Untuk template baru 1. Sign in di blogger 2. Klik menu Template 3. Klik menu Edit HTML 4. Klik link bertuliskan Download Template Seluruhnya, silahkan save dulu untuk backup data 5. Copy kode berikut lalu paste di atas kode ]]></b:skin> 6. Klik tombol Simpan Perubahan Template 7. Selesai.

Or with the "Auto-Hide the Blogger Navbar" ; Log In Edit HTML > Add this script at the top of the tag body (

#navbar-iframe{opacity:0.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=0)} #navbar-iframe:hover{opacity:1.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)}

Atau dengan "Auto-Hide NavBar Blogger" caranya ; Masuk Edit HTML > Tambahkan script ini di atas tag body {

#navbar-iframe{opacity:0.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=0)} #navbar-iframe:hover{opacity:1.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)}


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rest in peace


Aquarius ZodiacAquarius (January 21 - February 19)

Aquarius man love with speakers and a good listener. Spouses are required to become a good listener and interested in all things, but they are also expected to speak with the good also. Discuss issues about individual freedom, a new world order, demonstration, technology, and issues regarding international social life. You say it chide his usual open conversation with them, such as, "Hi, I'll treat you like a drink! World tasty once this day." This man is the man free. They have an attitude that tends to come out or outside of the traditional values which have. Thus, the freedom of individuals held by their firm. Prink as top-class women, and say that you own on this night, behave like a woman calls up a class this week to provide free services for new clients, so, for the test severity. In fact, if they were already addicted to the act that you do, they will enjoy this fun, and constantly asking you to do this on it. Consequently, make it do not believe all the fun that will do for you. If you find a little ashamed of their feelings, not the first of sorts, this does not mean they do not like and want. Aquarius is a little famous hypocrite. They like to turn things done with the real people who loved one. For example, "Yes, I sleep with the D, but I do not seriously deal with it, I indeed it is ready to account the weight of something?" However, the behavior of the experiment like this, in the heart actually want sex tend to be wild, and while it may not involve feelings of both parties, imagine! They like people with an easy to socialize, laugh easily, and carries the atmosphere cheerful and full of humor in bed. Therefore, make time with them, make a sex that may be free and happy probably .


CAPRICORN CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)
This zodiac from the other. They do not like the T-shirt with the words any posts sugestif and weird, and when the spouses do not like to wear jeans that reveal dent body, let alone speak, and a vulgar.
They like glamorous, but the quality, not just the brilliance impressed plebeian. They will be easy, if you add a little on the glamorous image of themselves to you and shed a more charm to them.
So if you are stuck with this man, you should open a conversation something that can give, like, "Wow, I just have been trying for three years to get this degree, that you first. Great once!"
Do not discuss things that are personal and intimate in public. Instead, Dig their opinions about politics, business, government, economic circumstances. Show him that you appreciate and are very impressed with their opinions.
Capricorn in love touched in the house, because it seemed more personal. But, if its occurrence in your home, the atmosphere should be really conducive, all people must be removed first.
They like the privacy. But do not hold you do not provide snacks, juice, as you like. When they are presented, they will feel respected and valued. If you do not know the favorite food, do not be afraid! Give him the food that you like, so they will love and to esteem it once. Fortunately, all the inconvenience that you do to prepare for this event will produce results.
When they are all throw off the cover body, they will not be embarrassed to start a romance with you, but, before that, we closed the door of a room first.
Capricorn want all aspects of life, including sex, to become better every day. They do not like the word, "We can not get anything like the first time", because for them that no one can not look up - all can be better than before, yes, of course with lots of exercise and routine.
Their sexual desires are strong and can only be satisfied in a party. So, always show appreciation to him, also took charge of his emotions and your own self, and the clever-clever to separate your personal life and your appearance in public.

SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC Sagitarius (23 November - 21 December)

Sagitarius to entrap men, it is followed by the display tanks young businessman, that is, as someone is ambitious, have goals and plans a major in this life. Men also like to travel and discuss things that smell foreign culture. For example, discuss the experience in a foreign place. However, you are required to tell what is, do not overdo.

Sagitarius are easy. If they are interested, let alone with you, they do not shrink and ashamed about and to start a conversation with you. Therefore, you should direct it. Do not be timid and long-winded.

They like the challenge of pickup, such as, "Hey, go ahead, we are looking for food, I have been hungry." And, that should be discussed with sagitarius are all things that smell travel, meditation, philosophy, development, and all things positive and interesting.

If you are interested in. sagitarius, do not make it too long waiting for. They really respect the passion, according to them, it's the same with the power of life. Sagitarius inflammable rather than other zodiac. Do not be ashamed to give the impression that you already own also can not hold it to its biological needs. If you can, ask him to stop it right now to do foreplay, foreplay resistance is to create passion and do it explode, and then proceed to make satisfied at the time to at home. You will not be made in the wall at home.

Also do things to just suddenly improvised yourself, such as hug or kiss them during the night and again urged the walk through the road when both large and dark.
They also like to test the stamina make you tense. They expect spouses to be like climbing the mountain all day and then make all night.
Do not think lack of time you make with it. Make yourself as confident as possible. especially if it is to make you the technique. try to always think positive. Concentration to give the best results for romance. This will be compensated up before your physical imperfection.

So, that must be done with a sagitarius is to always make your life full of passion and spirit, prepare yourself for the time to be mad act in a certain place, and again his passion is not checked again.


Many people tell to make a web more than anything else blog easier all remaining the click, all in once template remain posting its contents, but do becoming that easy if the we make without is one purpose – clear vision, when don't hence content and his appearance become ill definedly, don't express our x'self.

Truely I not yet long learn to make blog ( not yet weared the path domain by xself – searching was free of charge formerly important which of his science could formerly at the same time expressed what was is our brain )

Following a few - history in a flash make blog that actually …….. easy to but complicate, this matter could probably become tips modestly, possibly also make remaind make which have ever been experienced :

§ Focussed the theme blog we to make of that theme we can draw the red yarn to determine the name blog, content, appearance blog from design colour and picture, link other and or ).

§ Write the the content is hard, is why made hard ? just thought of just small things selected one word or a frase as theme, write to the effect that the hence all will emit a stream of by itself, be like making the memo without require to think of how much did paragraph which have been written but brief content discussion and clearly is our viewpoint result which became the purpose the core important.

§ Try to deepen the provided facility blogger our, actually plenty – very assist and many small thingses emerging add our knowledge. Don't affect and or go heels over head to be able to split second become if code science html, tag other and or not yet shall, because making blog is an art only is us of soybean cake is how mount our progress.

§ Don'T be snared by the advertisement get the money quickly by making blog because according to I fill blog in the end becoming not clearly, blog we become be like just advertisement board, not to mention confiscated time to try – to searching website the will place the advertisement in blog our.

Possibly that a few my experiences and now still learn and learn again, don't have surendered and desist to hope if/when blog we nothing that visit at least one devoted people visit it, that is our own, he..he….he….hehehhee…


I learn reality game, as player do to be made a fool of God or to fiddle around with God or play at as God………

Life righteously a game, I feel from the idea developer game make a game play from imagination even a reality ( for example : the sims ) however as player do we have to always in position and position x'self as obyek just player, play all game play promoted developer game - consumer game, if failing to grumble, fulminate, even if/when failing just exclusive spell out members game playnya bad, graphical of bad him. Even so won to cheer, beat the breast.

Life righteously a game, if playing at game still can be repeated from early game or middle of game - game over can come again, but life don't - game over is dead. Is the same as to the do in life this we are as player in position or position x'self as just player object, if delicious life path we experience with delicious is till swung without meaning the life which have been given by the God, if his life path like yes cheer, beat the breast, this my - bright, sharp-looking, healthy, rich, any kind of do I have, but moment game play hard again hit the accident, have ever been powerless it to be, chance, destiny, ownself, blame the old fellow why do don't become the rich man, even blame unjust God not darling, he said Ar Rahmaan - Ar Rahiim but life I is made like this …….
( as player to be made a fool of God )

Play at game if champion always win each;every game played. Life if/when his path completely is excessive even will feel the highest spire, remain to refer is desired, what do was said to be to be executed, even not yet been thought of even also in line assistants ten people have in good fig do all the not yet been commanded. Any kind of do can be bought, even soul also able to be bought. Do we make our x'self of the human pretend, bluff to ignore the x'self reality that any this is his gift which one moment can be abstracted at once without giving the notification before all.
With all His grant from aboves that do making we play at as God, request the pardon to God
( as player to play at as God )

Play at game sometime felt difficult sometime felt easy to, truely from his maker is made so let don't make to tire of - saturatedly. Definitive they make a way so that game that can be finished, ( just wear cheat code - all right….. ) Not a result of finally a[n game that which make us felling - this game super. But do we can learn - meaning - comprehend that game this learn at us what is could for the application by theX of life. I predict that especial matter which thought of developer game besides facet finansial because they require the money to eat also.

Life is even also that way, sometime felt difficult sometime felt easy to, felt difficult for the do not willing to learn his life meaning and felt easy for the harmonize x'self with his life. To look for perfection of life, perfection of x'self, him look for the life reality.

If comprehending correct of reality of life felt more beautiful, felt God not as the enemy give game play bad to our, and not as equivalent boss of God is but God as big our boss felt as friend, friend belly ache, discussion friend, be like likely our boss workplace is delicious invited discus, help to think out our job or be like likely have the good old fellow, the understanding we can invite to belly ache, comprehend growth of our person, can be invited play at be like our small scorpion, but immanent us of its manner because higher in his position. If with God is be his Moslem law - its rule of the game also, play at game is so also , thrice failing game over - more or less its like that…..
( as player to fiddle around with God )

choice is be your hand

I learn, that real friendship always spring up although dissociated by the distance far, some between its bear real love

A story when formerly, there is a impecunious young man which looked for personality of his life - his life goals - his life purpose, fulfill the goals of 29 marrying or dead, isn't it true God create each adjoin, hence that science is tried to be studied, experienced and found.

Hence stepping on the middle age of 28 progressively irate, don't girl - just effeminate homosexual do not want to come near : look for everywhere look for the couple, consultancy with friend, shall frustasi by xself - soul password ; do not again install the goals, beautiful there is no need to, bright there is no need to, rich there is no need to ( his intention to improve;repair descendant ) important which [of] girl, hehehehe……
Finally look for in internet, play chatting every day, all channel traced - till narrow;tight gangways, devious entered, truely couple not yet let the word someone have can meet the face nothing that enter in hatil, possibly at fearing to see his cutting, ih... bad once

Day change, month;moon elapse, springtime arrive, finally God feel pity for his slave also ( grandfather spell out members ; patient people is God darling ), meet in channel - don't know have forgotten the remembered only his girl name. Possibly truely have couple, the way fluent more and more, let to build a road the far dissociate, although first meeting in front of the morning terminal [used up/finished] rain, not yet taken a bath, clean the just face don't, but just self confidence, if truely couple is surely met, pauper is if not capital risk, wall face capital, capital will more than anything else? transport free of charge, join with others the friend to Malang ( East Java ). We have risked but her take care of image, make to go down HB just blood, weaken… finished bla-bla converse, finished shake hand - refinement her arms - compatible to become the mother of of children : time dissociate, cheerio … but I promise to meet you again

Chatting remain to, only the communications is which quickly and solemn ( join with others in warnet friend ) Handphone? era not yet bro, just maiden number can make to buy handphone camera now. Promise have to be coincided, have to start to raise money, there is a thousand rupiah kept can two thousands rupiah kept, coolie experienced for the shake of future - for the shake of going on the blood descendant of grandfather, let don't become the disaffected grandchild.
Capital gathered, now don't only just without capital, go the her place - ordinary of youngster is very fiddle faddle the house terrace;core, money only enough make the fare to and from, dirt-poor. But is pride of of capital alone don't borrow from friend more than anything else ask from old fellow.

Till his moment arrive, conference closed to be opened by her uncle as glorious judge ( she shack up with her uncle ) only one the question sentence making HB bloody go down drasticly of subfreezing, " intention you come the at dawn go home the night ( truely we maximize the time to meet because I am in Central Java she is in East Java - go at 9 night shall at 6 morning so also the return - 9 journey hour - for the shake of love ) if serious you quickly bring your old people here uncle wish to meet " ( his intention is ordered quickly marry )
between thanking goodness and confuse - thanking goodness because truely this which we await - confuse because bringing the mother ( my father have died ) more than anything else apply for surely one the gang’s following, let just to wait thought of, " O.K. two week uncle is again I come with mother and the gang's. "

Have recourse the close relative with face braze, finally thus do marry also… Alhamdulliah hitherto, succeed to yield router of blood descendant of grandfather , that of her picture in left to the, beautiful isn't it, who is formerly her sponsor.

for my child ; portion, life, death, in God hand - bear with, learn, try and pray to continue to be reached your aspiration, hopefully thou more watered down by your road;street… amien