Make blog easy or hard ?

Many people tell to make a web more than anything else blog easier all remaining the click, all in once template remain posting its contents, but do becoming that easy if the we make without is one purpose – clear vision, when don't hence content and his appearance become ill definedly, don't express our x'self.

Truely I not yet long learn to make blog ( not yet weared the path domain by xself – searching was free of charge formerly important which of his science could formerly at the same time expressed what was is our brain )

Following a few - history in a flash make blog that actually …….. easy to but complicate, this matter could probably become tips modestly, possibly also make remaind make which have ever been experienced :

§ Focussed the theme blog we to make of that theme we can draw the red yarn to determine the name blog, content, appearance blog from design colour and picture, link other and or ).

§ Write the the content is hard, is why made hard ? just thought of just small things selected one word or a frase as theme, write to the effect that the hence all will emit a stream of by itself, be like making the memo without require to think of how much did paragraph which have been written but brief content discussion and clearly is our viewpoint result which became the purpose the core important.

§ Try to deepen the provided facility blogger our, actually plenty – very assist and many small thingses emerging add our knowledge. Don't affect and or go heels over head to be able to split second become if code science html, tag other and or not yet shall, because making blog is an art only is us of soybean cake is how mount our progress.

§ Don'T be snared by the advertisement get the money quickly by making blog because according to I fill blog in the end becoming not clearly, blog we become be like just advertisement board, not to mention confiscated time to try – to searching website the will place the advertisement in blog our.

Possibly that a few my experiences and now still learn and learn again, don't have surendered and desist to hope if/when blog we nothing that visit at least one devoted people visit it, that is our own, he..he….he….hehehhee…

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