I learn reality game

I learn reality game, as player do to be made a fool of God or to fiddle around with God or play at as God………

Life righteously a game, I feel from the idea developer game make a game play from imagination even a reality ( for example : the sims ) however as player do we have to always in position and position x'self as obyek just player, play all game play promoted developer game - consumer game, if failing to grumble, fulminate, even if/when failing just exclusive spell out members game playnya bad, graphical of bad him. Even so won to cheer, beat the breast.

Life righteously a game, if playing at game still can be repeated from early game or middle of game - game over can come again, but life don't - game over is dead. Is the same as to the do in life this we are as player in position or position x'self as just player object, if delicious life path we experience with delicious is till swung without meaning the life which have been given by the God, if his life path like yes cheer, beat the breast, this my - bright, sharp-looking, healthy, rich, any kind of do I have, but moment game play hard again hit the accident, have ever been powerless it to be, chance, destiny, ownself, blame the old fellow why do don't become the rich man, even blame unjust God not darling, he said Ar Rahmaan - Ar Rahiim but life I is made like this …….
( as player to be made a fool of God )

Play at game if champion always win each;every game played. Life if/when his path completely is excessive even will feel the highest spire, remain to refer is desired, what do was said to be to be executed, even not yet been thought of even also in line assistants ten people have in good fig do all the not yet been commanded. Any kind of do can be bought, even soul also able to be bought. Do we make our x'self of the human pretend, bluff to ignore the x'self reality that any this is his gift which one moment can be abstracted at once without giving the notification before all.
With all His grant from aboves that do making we play at as God, request the pardon to God
( as player to play at as God )

Play at game sometime felt difficult sometime felt easy to, truely from his maker is made so let don't make to tire of - saturatedly. Definitive they make a way so that game that can be finished, ( just wear cheat code - all right….. ) Not a result of finally a[n game that which make us felling - this game super. But do we can learn - meaning - comprehend that game this learn at us what is could for the application by theX of life. I predict that especial matter which thought of developer game besides facet finansial because they require the money to eat also.

Life is even also that way, sometime felt difficult sometime felt easy to, felt difficult for the do not willing to learn his life meaning and felt easy for the harmonize x'self with his life. To look for perfection of life, perfection of x'self, him look for the life reality.

If comprehending correct of reality of life felt more beautiful, felt God not as the enemy give game play bad to our, and not as equivalent boss of God is but God as big our boss felt as friend, friend belly ache, discussion friend, be like likely our boss workplace is delicious invited discus, help to think out our job or be like likely have the good old fellow, the understanding we can invite to belly ache, comprehend growth of our person, can be invited play at be like our small scorpion, but immanent us of its manner because higher in his position. If with God is be his Moslem law - its rule of the game also, play at game is so also , thrice failing game over - more or less its like that…..
( as player to fiddle around with God )

choice is be your hand

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