Note Love to Dhea

I learn, that real friendship always spring up although dissociated by the distance far, some between its bear real love

A story when formerly, there is a impecunious young man which looked for personality of his life - his life goals - his life purpose, fulfill the goals of 29 marrying or dead, isn't it true God create each adjoin, hence that science is tried to be studied, experienced and found.

Hence stepping on the middle age of 28 progressively irate, don't girl - just effeminate homosexual do not want to come near : look for everywhere look for the couple, consultancy with friend, shall frustasi by xself - soul password ; do not again install the goals, beautiful there is no need to, bright there is no need to, rich there is no need to ( his intention to improve;repair descendant ) important which [of] girl, hehehehe……
Finally look for in internet, play chatting every day, all channel traced - till narrow;tight gangways, devious entered, truely couple not yet let the word someone have can meet the face nothing that enter in hatil, possibly at fearing to see his cutting, ih... bad once

Day change, month;moon elapse, springtime arrive, finally God feel pity for his slave also ( grandfather spell out members ; patient people is God darling ), meet in channel - don't know have forgotten the remembered only his girl name. Possibly truely have couple, the way fluent more and more, let to build a road the far dissociate, although first meeting in front of the morning terminal [used up/finished] rain, not yet taken a bath, clean the just face don't, but just self confidence, if truely couple is surely met, pauper is if not capital risk, wall face capital, capital will more than anything else? transport free of charge, join with others the friend to Malang ( East Java ). We have risked but her take care of image, make to go down HB just blood, weaken… finished bla-bla converse, finished shake hand - refinement her arms - compatible to become the mother of of children : time dissociate, cheerio … but I promise to meet you again

Chatting remain to, only the communications is which quickly and solemn ( join with others in warnet friend ) Handphone? era not yet bro, just maiden number can make to buy handphone camera now. Promise have to be coincided, have to start to raise money, there is a thousand rupiah kept can two thousands rupiah kept, coolie experienced for the shake of future - for the shake of going on the blood descendant of grandfather, let don't become the disaffected grandchild.
Capital gathered, now don't only just without capital, go the her place - ordinary of youngster is very fiddle faddle the house terrace;core, money only enough make the fare to and from, dirt-poor. But is pride of of capital alone don't borrow from friend more than anything else ask from old fellow.

Till his moment arrive, conference closed to be opened by her uncle as glorious judge ( she shack up with her uncle ) only one the question sentence making HB bloody go down drasticly of subfreezing, " intention you come the at dawn go home the night ( truely we maximize the time to meet because I am in Central Java she is in East Java - go at 9 night shall at 6 morning so also the return - 9 journey hour - for the shake of love ) if serious you quickly bring your old people here uncle wish to meet " ( his intention is ordered quickly marry )
between thanking goodness and confuse - thanking goodness because truely this which we await - confuse because bringing the mother ( my father have died ) more than anything else apply for surely one the gang’s following, let just to wait thought of, " O.K. two week uncle is again I come with mother and the gang's. "

Have recourse the close relative with face braze, finally thus do marry also… Alhamdulliah hitherto, succeed to yield router of blood descendant of grandfather , that of her picture in left to the, beautiful isn't it, who is formerly her sponsor.

for my child ; portion, life, death, in God hand - bear with, learn, try and pray to continue to be reached your aspiration, hopefully thou more watered down by your road;street… amien

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